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Yousef Ghorbani
Yousef Ghorbani

Yousef Ghorbani

Biträdande professor
Luleå tekniska universitet
Mineralteknik och metallurgi
Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
T2359 Luleå


Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Dry laboratories – Mapping the required instrumentation and infrastructure for online monitoring, analysis, and characterization in the mineral industry (2023)

Ghorbani. Y, Zhang. S, Nwaila. G, Bourdeau. J, Safari. M, Hadi Hoseinie. S, et al.
Ingår i: Minerals Engineering
Artikel i tidskrift

Moving towards deep underground mineral resources: Drivers, challenges and potential solutions (2023)

Ghorbani. Y, Nwaila. G, Zhang. S, Bourdeau. J, Cánovas. M, Arzua. J, et al.
Resources policy, Vol. 80

A geometallurgical approach towards the correlation between rock type mineralogy and grindability: A case study in Aitik mine, Sweden (2022)

Schmitt. R, Parian. M, Ghorbani. Y, McElroy. I, Bolin. N
Ingår i: IMPC Asia-Pacific 2022 Conference Proceedings, s. 51-70, The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 2022
Artikel i tidskrift

Advanced geochemical exploration knowledge using machine learning: Prediction of unknown elemental concentrations and operational prioritization of Re-analysis campaigns (2022)

Zhang. S, Bourdeau. J, Nwaila. G, Ghorbani. Y
Artificial Intelligence in Geosciences, Vol. 3, s. 86-100
Artikel i tidskrift

Artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection of the Assen iron deposit in South Africa using remote sensing data from the Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (2022)

Nwaila. G, Zhang. S, Bourdeau. J, Ghorbani. Y, Carranza. E
Artificial Intelligence in Geosciences, Vol. 3, s. 71-85
Artikel i tidskrift

Constraints on the Geometry and Gold Distribution in the Black Reef Formation of South Africa Using 3D Reflection Seismic Data and Micro-X-ray Computed Tomography (2022)

Nwaila. G, Manzi. M, Zhang. S, Bourdeau. J, Bam. L, Rose. D, et al.
Natural Resources Research, Vol. 31, nr. 3, s. 1225-1244