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Leave of absence

If you need to take a temporary break from your programme studies, you can apply for a leave of absence. Upon being granted a leave of absence, you are guaranteed the right to return to the programme after the leave. If you do not intend to start an education you have been admitted to and have special reasons, you should instead apply for a deferral. Read more under - Apply for a deferral.

A leave of absence is only granted if there are special reasons to do so. Certificates stating these special reasons must be attached to your application. Personal, medical or other special circumstances include special reasons. Specific reasons must be substantiated by a certificate.
Certificates may be for:

  • Personal reasons - enclose certificates or the like that justify the reasons stated.
  • Medical reasons - certified by a medical certificate.
  • Birth of a child - attach a birth certificate.
  • Childcare - is supported by personal evidence of the applicant and the child.
  • Student union assignments - each student union must prove the assignment and its scope.
  • Temporary or full-time service in the Armed Forces - attach certificates from the Armed Forces.

Upon granted a leave of absence, you are guaranteed the right to return to the programme after the leave. The rules that apply to re-entry will be stated in the grant of leave. Re-entry into the programme is granted provided that the programme and its courses are still being given when you return. You cannot register / re-register for courses within the programme during your leave of absence, but it is possible to re-sit an examination for previously registered courses.

You are not entitled to financial student aid during a leave of absence. Contact CSN for more information »

You must also contact the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) to find out what rules apply. 

The application will be rejected if there are no specific reasons given for the leave of absence. If a new application is submitted, the application will be re-evaluated.

If you are not granted a leave of absence and still choose to leave your studies, you can resume the studies to the extent possible. Contact a study advisor no later than April 1 for the fall term or October 1 for the spring term using our form below.

If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form.