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Thesis work at the department of Computer science, Electrical and Space engineering

Published: 1 July 2011

Getting Started
Before starting the thesis you need to have the required prerequisites.  In the syllabus you will find exactly what requirements you need.

When you have a good suggestion for a thesis project, you must submit the form "Förslag till examensarbete" with a clear job description, including rough schedule. If you wish to discuss your proposal before submitting a full application, please turn to the appointed contact and senior faculty administrator (see the syllabus) .

Confidential thesis work
If the thesis report should be handled secretly, a contract must be established between involved parties in advance. For more information please contact SRT educational administration

Thesis process
You can find information in the course room in Canvas.

Presentation and opposition
You can find the presentation periods in the left menu under Seminars
For application use the form Application for thesis presentation

If you cannot find your course there, it's probably because application and organization of presentation and opposition is handled in another way. Check the course syllabus or course room in Fronter for information or contact the responsible teacher.

Use the form "Godkännande av examensarbete" in which your supervisor fill in that you participated in the compulsory elements and grade the course.

Registration and publication
Before the educational administrators can register your grade you need to register and publish your thesis in the publication database DiVA.

The Department of SRT pays for printing of 1 copy to the author, and 1 copy to the external supervisor. Additional copies are paid by the student. Use the form printing of thesis.

Remember to apply for a degree when you are finished with your education. You apply for a degree on "My LTU" under degree. You can also find guidelines to follow on "My LTU"