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Degree project at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering

Published: 20 May 2011

The thesis is the final work on your training where you will apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies in a self-chosen research work or small research projects. The thesis is to scale 15 or 30 credits (1.5 credits correspond to one week's work). Theses 7.5 credits, see information in the syllabus.

Application for degree project course

If you will perform your degree project work according to the study plan you need to apply to your degree project course in the same way as the other courses you read through Log in  as a program student via My LTU when applying. You can find the Registration Codes / course codes in your study plan (Click on the course code of the degree project you are interested in to move forward),

While you search the course you should begin the process of discussing appropriate content with your supervisor / examiner. Please note that no work can begin before you have been admitted to the course and your project plan has been approved by your examiner. 

In order for you to be finally admitted to the course you must complete the web form  "Registration for start of degree project".

If you do not begin your degree project according to the study plan, you apply to the degree project course directly to the institution. For more infomration read the "Routines" below.


Under the heading "Registration of Degree Project" below, you must fill in the web form "Registration for start of degree project 30/15 credits ". Please state in this form wether you form if study the course according to your study plan and have applied to the course via or if you deviate from the study plan and must be accepted for an individual course opportunity.

Your completed web form is sent to the education administration at the department, they will contact your supervisor / examiner to confirm that the information you submitted  is correct and check that you fulfill the entry requirements for the course.

If you fulfill the Entry requirements for the course you will be admitted by the LTU admission unit and then course registered by the education administrators. 

To pass the degree project course you need to complete the course parts listed below;

  • Attendance at two other degree project presentations
  • Public discussion of others degree project
  • Oral presentation and defence of own work
  • Approved written report
  • Register approved written report in Diva for publication

Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that your examiner reports to the education administration at the department when you have completed any of the required course parts above so it can be reported into the study documentation system (Ladok). The easiest way for your examiner to do this is by e-mail to:

Degree project presentations at the department will be arranged and coordinated 2-3 times each semester  Available presentation dates and application form can be found to your left under the heading "Seminars".

Registration of Degree Project

Performance of the Degree project

If you have an external supervisor at a company, you must submit a copy of "Routines for performing degree work External supervisors" so that they know what a degree project entails.

Degree Project presentation

Application for presenting should be sent after approval from the supervisor.


Questions regarding degree project: