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Presentation periods at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering

Published: 24 May 2011

The table below shows the Thesis presentation periods for the courses:

X0001E - X7011E (Luleå)
P7004R, P7003R, P7007R, P7008R and P7010R (Kiruna)

Academic Year 21/22



Last date to apply                                        



37 September 15-16 August 31st ZOOM ZOOM
47 November 24-25 November 9th ZOOM ZOOM
8 Febrary 23-24 February 8th Not determined Not determined
21 May 24-25 May 10th   Not determined
22 June 1-2 May 16th Not determined  

Subject to any changes

Registration for the presentation is made via a form, see link below.
A draft of your report must be attached to the application form.

On these occasions all presentations of theses at the Department of SRT are coordinated.

Down below you find the current presentation schedule: