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Thesis Project

The way in which your thesis project is arranged varies depending on the programme you are taking.

It is common to write an independent essay for the final bachelor or master thesis project, but it can also take other forms, such as in the arts programmes. Writing a thesis often differs from the teaching and study situations that you have previously encountered. For example, it is common to have individual instruction or instruction in small groups and the demands of working independently are often higher, which means you need to plan and organize your work.

Doing a thesis project in your department

Each department has specific requirements for conducting a thesis project.

Find a thesis project

Search portals for the thesis and links to companies that list suggestions for thesis work on their own pages

LTU students

Here you can read about how and where you can find scientific material for your thesis.

Computer, coffee cup, note

Here you find useful material that can help you with your writing process.


Presentation periods for all departments and tips on how to plan and prepare your presentation.

Register and publish your thesis

When your thesis is complete and approved, it should be registered in the publication database (DiVA).