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Emil Seiz
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Emil Seiz - Teacher

Published: 14 June 2016

"To venture into the university world, chock full of literature and that written language can probably be regarded as madness for a person with dyslexia. But I think we are more motivated than many others.

Name: Emil Seiz
Age: 25 years
Hometown: Örebro
Education: Teacher
Subjects: Swedish, Social Studies and Conflict Resolution


What do you work with today?

I work as a teacher in a mixed age class teacher in all subjects. I am responsible for student learning. The students I teach are from Grades 1 to 3 in primary school.

Crucial to getting that job was that I had the skills that the school required, that I'm driven and I got involved during my studies in Luleå.

Do you have any tips for those who want to work as a teacher?

Think it through before you jump in. Teaching is a profession that requires a lot from you. I feel it is worth every second that I put in. It is very rewarding to take part in educating people of the future.

What was it like studying with dyslexia?

I moved up to Luleå without knowing the help I could get. Studying at a university is, for many, something that is difficult and time consuming. It was for me, as well. Having to read so much literature for so long is very demanding for everyone. The dyslexic venture into the university world is chock full of literature and written language many can probably regard it as madness, but I think we are more motivated than many others.

I have received great help and the opportunities needed for my studies could be conducted. The study environment at LTU suited me really well and facilitated me to succeed in my studies.

Do you have any tips for those considering study at Luleå University of Technology?

There's nothing to think about, just move there! It is a time I will never forget. It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to succeed and to see another part of our country.

During my studies, I got the help I needed to cope with my studies in the best way. There were a variety of aid, but I chose to only use a few.

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