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Student aid

International students who have permanent residency may qualify to receive student aid via Centrala studiestödsnämnden (CSN), the Swedish Board of Student Finance, a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of Education and Research.

Exchange students do not qualify for student aid via CSN. It is recommended that you contact your home university if you require financial support.

If you become ill, it is important that you take sick leave so that you do not have problems with your study funding.

If you do not intend to complete your courses/study programme you need to contact CSN and let them know. 

You also need to inform the university that you will not complete your studies, more information and how you do that via the links below.

Information about how to apply for student aid funding and how much you can get can be found on CSN's website.

Your grant/loan will arrive 3-4 business days after registering for course and submitted your study insurance to CSN.