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Student activities fund

Luleå University of Technology's Student Activities Fund is part of the strategic initiative regarding the promotion of the social environment in order to increase the satisfaction and study results. It is possible to both apply for grants from the fund as well as make donations to it. Last year, StiL Alpina along with others contributed to LTU Big Air and the Geosektion received contributions for their annual ball.

In 2011, the Vice-Chancellor ensured that an additional strategic investment of SEK 2 million was allocated to the university's Student Activities Fun. The funds must be used over a 5-10 year period with the purpose of promoting the social environment at the university in order to increase student satisfaction and their study results.

The Fund's Board of Directors consists of the President, Head of Student Services and the Chairman of both student unions. The Board meets once per semester and decides on the allocation of the funds. The deadline for applications to the various meetings are October 15th and April 15th.

Consider the following when applying:

  • It should be clear for what purpose funding is requested. A cost estimate and a short presentation of the organization seeking funding must be attached to the application.
  • Applications for grants from the fund are to be delivered to Luleå University of Technology's main registrar.
  • The Board decides on the contributions of one year, which means that the funds granted for one year does not automatically granted the following year.
  • If the priority needed to be given priority to applications that will most benefit the students.

Some examples of successful applications:

Stil Alpina received grants to university Big Air, which took place on February 6, 2015. Previously, the contest takes place in Måttsund, but thanks to, among other things, funding from the student social samfonden made possible event center on the campus of the university Rail Arena. The competition consisted of a 12 meter high ramp where skiers and snowboarders competed cruelest trick. DJ and announcer was in place and the big screen with the live broadcast. The event was a success with about 1,000 spectators.

Dating back from the 1970s, Geolusset,  Luleå University of Technology's oldest ball is the only ball at the university which is open to all students. It was threatened last year when one of the main contributors withdrew funding. Thanks to contributions from the Student Social Fund, it was able to continue for another great year.

The Luleå chapter of the student group, Engineers Without Borders, organized a Christmas Bazaar for the students in the atrium on 3 December with funds granted from the Student Social Fund.