Ruts Travel Grant

Published: 18 March 2020

Ruts Travel Grant for female undergraduate, graduate, PhD and younger senior researchers in the area of Mining and Rock Engineering at Luleå tekniska universitet
Application deadline April 17 or November 20.

Announcement of Rut’s Travel Grant in memory of Rut Brand - Foundation for promotion of Rut and Sten Brand’s found of Rock Engineering.

Rut’s travel grant is open for female undergraduate, graduate and PhD-students and younger senior female researchers in (with at least a PhD degree) Mining and Rock Engineering. The travel grant is between twenty-five thousand and fifty thousand SEK (25 000 - 50 000). The grant will be used for travel abroad and must be made within one year after approval of the application. After the trip a brief travel report will be provided to

There is no specific application form. The application must state the purpose of the trip. Along with the application extract from Ladok, CV and a simple financial plan will be submitted. Younger female senior researchers must submit a short personal letter describing the objective of the travel and why it is important, the next academic level she is aiming at and the financial plan for the travel.

Application with attachments will be mailed to not LTU-54920.

Deadline for the application for decision in May is April 17, 2020 and for decision in December is November 20, 2020.

Information is provide by Birgitta Olovsson, or phone 070-539 16 05.