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Essay scholarship NTF Trafiken i skolan

Published: 21 October 2020

To arouse interest in traffic education among future teachers, Trafiken i skolan and NTF are now announcing an essay scholarship. We distribute SEK 5,000 for the best essay at the undergraduate or advanced level that is written within the framework of the undergraduate teacher program (grundlärarprogrammet) or the subject teacher program (ämneslärarprogrammet). The thesis must deal with traffic education in primary school and must comprise at least 15 credits. The scholarship can be awarded to one or more people.

The last application date for 2021 is 30 June.

Search criteria

• The thesis has a clear connection to traffic education in primary school.
• The thesis is submitted and approved at a Swedish college or university after 15 October 2020.
• You approve that Trafiken i skolan and NTF take part in the essay, use it for further dissemination and publish it on Trafiken i skolans and NTF's website.

Assessment criteria

• How well the thesis contributes to developing knowledge of and / or methods for traffic education in primary school.
• The quality of the essay and its pedagogical approach.

Traffic education at school

With regard to traffic education in primary school, it is the principal who, according to the current curriculum, is responsible for ensuring that interdisciplinary areas of knowledge such as traffic are integrated into the various subjects of education. The curriculum's syllabi also mention traffic and traffic safety in several places, especially in the subject Social Studies. Traffic education in primary school looks different depending on the school, and traffic education has also changed over the years. Today, the school's work is about children coming to an understanding of the risks in traffic, all based on their own experiences and maturity.

Topic tips

An essay that qualifies to compete could, for example, address:
• Traffic education in Sweden throughout history.
• Children's development and conditions for becoming safe road users, linked to today's traffic education
• Evaluation of lesson plans and teaching methods, for example those available on
• Pedagogical methods for influencing behaviors and attitudes in traffic - theory, methods and application in teaching.
• Students' prior knowledge.

How to apply

The last application date for 2021 is 30 June.

Apply by sending your essay together with name, address and telephone number to:
The essay must contain a short summary in Swedish (abstract). It must also be stated at which college / university it is presented, at what level and how many credits it covers.

About Trafiken i skolan

Trafiken i skolan supports educators in the work with traffic in the school. Lesson suggestions, facts and inspiration are collected on the website Behind Trafiken i skolan are the organizations Trafikförsäkringsföreningen and NTF.