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View and Sort your Programme Syllabus

Published: 23 February 2010

Most programme syllabuses contain a large amount of information. This is why it can be helpful to sort and display programme syllabuses in different ways, in order to view the information which is relevant to you. In order to sort a programme syllabus, you have to make different selections at the top of the page in the programme syllabus.

Select enrolment semester
A programme syllabus displays information depending on when a student has been admitted to an educational programme. If you wish to display information which applies only to you, you have to indicate when you were admitted to the educational programme.

Select a specialisations/profile
If you are studying in an educational programme which has specialisations/profiles, it is possible to view information only about them

Select what you want to view
In a programme syllabus, you can also select which part of the information you want to view. If you wish to view everything, you have to select to display and print the programme syllabus to a pdf.

If you choose to view only course requirements, the requirements a student needs to meet in order to be awarded a degree will be displayed. View Compulsory courses.

If you wish to view when you are supposed to take the different courses, choose Study schedule.

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Do you need to choose courses?

Before selecting a course, you should review the curriculum and course requirements, as the programme syllabus will display which courses in the educational programme are obligatory and which are optional. You can also use the curriculum to find out where there are possible optional spaces.

You should choose courses when optional courses or optional spaces are indicated in the programme syllabus. Courses which, according to the programme syllabus, are obligatory are assumed to be taken by you, automatically, before each semester.

As a student, you should, however, register in all courses that you are going to take each semester. Selection of courses, semester and course registration is done through the My LTU