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My programme syllabus

You can find out more about the programmes and courses in the course catalogue. You will also find your programme syllabus, degree descriptions and course syllabus.

All programmes have a programme syllabus showing the compulsory courses, the order the courses must follow and any other requirements that exist. 

For certain general degrees not linked to a degree programme, there are specific course requirement lists showing which courses are required for the main field of study and possible specialisation or other specific requirements.  All programme syllabi and course requirements are listed in the degree description.

Check your educational plan to know if you have to select courses next term

An educational plan contains a lot of information about your program. It is designed so that it is possible to customize and present in various ways only the information that is relevant for you. 

Guide to Programme syllabus

You can search by programme title or code or key words whish describe the educational programme. You can combine free text with one or more of the fixed search options.

Programme syllabuses are shown in English only for programmes open to international applicants.

How to find your programme syllabus of required courses and the order in which courses are given:

  1. Under Search Education, select Programme.
  2. Under Select semester, choose All semesters.
  3. In the box, you can type in your programme code or the name of your programme.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Click on the Programme Syllabus under the Programme's Title.  
  6. The link to the Study Schedule is in the left menu if you want to find out the order in which your courses are given.
  7. Choose your Enrollment Semester.