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Published: 25 October 2016

The syllabus describes the goals, content and course literature. It also includes pre-requisites that you must meet in order to take the course.

A syllabus can be changed which means that if you take a course during a certain period, you should look at the version of the curriculum that applies for that period. Changes in the curriculum are published no later than 10 weeks before the course starts.

A syllabus can be found by searching for a course. Search courses either via "Search ..." on or "Search Education" above.

You can search a syllabus, for example by combining Search education "All programmes, courses and degree" of the course name or code as free text.

If you want to search for a syllabus for a course that has been canceled or discontinued, click More search options and select the "Show discontinued educations".

Please note that the courses were closed before the academic year 2002/2003 are not in the course catalog. If you are looking for such a curriculum - contact registrar