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Course evaluations

Published: 2 June 2020

All students have the right to evaluate the courses that they have taken. This is a opportunity for you as a student to exert your influence on the development of the course and your contribution is a significant part of our quality work. Therefore, it is important that you fill in the course evaluation survey and give your opinion about what is good and what can be improved regarding the course, in order to make our course evaluation process as good as possible.

Where do I find the course evaluation survey?

The course evaluation survey is sent to your student e-mail address at the end of the couse and is open for three weeks. You can also fill in the survey in the Canvas room. To open the survey, click the link to the survey or scan the QR code with your mobile phone. 

What is there in the course evaluation survey?

The survey comprises a number of questions common for all our courses. Teachers may also add questions about a specific course. The survey is divided into sections concerning various areas such as self assessment, the course objectives and content, the quality of teaching, the course material, the study environment, the examination and an overall evaluation of the course.

It is important that you write constructive and objective comments and suggest solutions, if you have any, about how to improve the course. Your answers will serve as a good basis for the development of the course. 

Where do I find the results of the course evaluation and see if they lead to any development?

The compilation of the results is published on the website My LTU directly after the closure of the course evaluation survey. On the same page, the teacher also publishes a course development report in which the results have been analysed and information about any decisions on actions to be taken is presented.

The teacher also recounts the results of earlier course evaluations and how the course has improved based on them, in the course introduction at the start of the course.