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Fees and costs

Published: 12 November 2012

Free Education at the Undergraduate and Graduate Level

Education at the university must be free of charge for students in the EU/EEA. This means that no elements in the syllabuses may be subject to a fee, regardless of whether the course compulsory or optional.  Certain exceptions apply with, for example, study trips and the like.

When submitting compulsory information in a course, the department must provide printing opportunities to a reasonable extent.


The student is responsible for some costs during their studies, including, for example:

  • course literature which also includes compendiums and copied material of a greater extent,
  • instruments,
  • consumables of textile materials, clay and paints, if the student owns the copyrights,
  • copying costs for personal copies of written work, theses and essays, memory cards and other storage media,
  • personal equipment such as training clothes,
  • deposit fees for keys or cards,
  • costs in connection with the implementation of thesis work such as travel and telephone calls,
  • any additional costs to the learning center, another university or the like if the student wishes to write the examination in another place,
  • accommodation as well as trips to and from the place where an internship is carried out.