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Disciplinary Committee

Published: 1 February 2013

The Disciplinary Committee handles cases of cheating in exams, disruptive behaviour and harassment based on gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other faith, sexual orientation or disability.

To be reported to the Disciplinary Committee for cheating, subjecting someone to harassment or acting in a manner that disrupts or impedes the university’s operations can have serious consequences for your studies and for you personally.

The Disciplinary Committee can issue a warning but also suspend a student from all activities at the university for up to six months. Suspension means you are prohibited from participating in classes or exams. You are not entitled to any form of supervision and you may not hand in assignments for grading. Your study allowance is also withdrawn during the period of suspension. Notice of suspension is sent to CSN.

The Disciplinary Committee is made up of the Vice-Chancellor as chairman, one representative from the teaching staff, student representatives and one legally qualified member with judicial experience. The processing of disciplinary matters is regulated in Chapter 10 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance.

A suspension may be appealed at the Administrative Court in Luleå.