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How to appeal

Published: 1 February 2019

Disciplinary Committee decisions (suspension due to cheating, disruptive behaviour or violations) are appealed to the Administrative Court in Luleå. Other decisions that are possible to appeal are stated in the Higher Education Ordinance 12:2 pp. 5-10, ie decisions on the programme, such as admission, credit transfers, arrears, leave of absence, etc. Decisions in such cases are appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH in Swedish).

You should submit your appeal in writing. In your appeal letter you should specify which decision you want to appeal against, and how you want the decision to be changed. It is also important to motivate your reasons for requesting the change. You must sign the appeal and write your address (preferably with your phone number and e-mail address included).

Where to send the appeal

The appeal letter should be addressed to the court or authority which - according to the appeal reference that you will receive - will examine the contested decision. You should send or hand in the letter to the deciding authority, i.e. Luleå University of Technology.

Address: Luleå tekniska universitet, Registrar, SE-971 87 Luleå

Processing of appeals

Once the appeal has been received, the university will perform an initial test to verify that the appeal has been sent at the right time. In some cases, the university can also reconsider its decision. If the appeal was submitted on time and the university is not reconsidering its decision, your appeal and all the documentation in the matter will be submitted to the Administrative Court in Luleå or the Higher Education Appeals Board for evaluation.