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Rules about alcohol & drugs

Published: 26 February 2015

Luleå University of Technology shall be a workplace where employers, student unions, all employees and students strive to have a work environment that is free from alcohol and other drugs. The focus should be on the health aspect and early detection of misuse. The use of alcohol during leisure time must also not affect efficiency, safety, quality and well-being at work and in the study environment. Unlike the use of alcohol, it is prohibited under Swedish law to possess, use or otherwise handle drugs.

The rules about alcohol and drugs are under translation, they will be seen here shortly.

Support for managers/teachers

When co-workers/students have problems related to alcohol and/or drugs

Keep in mind to try to limit the initiated group of people involved to as few as possible. When asking questions and trying to obtain information on how to handle a situation that involves a substance abuse problem, you do not always have to reveal who the problem relates to.

If you need personal advice or support

In the document below you will find contact details for some of the actors found within this area, both within and outside the university.