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Schedule Skellefteå Sp 1 Autumn -22

Published: 1 June 2020

These are the schedules for all study programs in Skellefteå.

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Courses Lp 1, autumn 2022, Luleå University of Technology, Skellefteå

The schedule is preliminary up to two weeks before the start of the course!


Year 1

Computer Game Programming (TIDSG) D0009E + M0050M

Computer graphics for games and movies (TKDGG) W0012E

Computer Network (THDNG) M0028M + W0005E

Energy Technology (TIETG) F0040T + M0050M

Mechanical Engineering (TIMTG) W0025T + M0050M

Electric Power Engineering (TIEKG) W0013T + (MIuN)


Year 2

Computer Game Programming (TIDSG) S0009E

Computer graphics for games and movies (THDGG) W0022E

Computer Network (THDNG) W0016E + D0026D

Energy Technology (TIETG) W0026T + M0032T

Mechanical Engineering (TIMTG) M0032T + W0005T

Electric Power Engineering (TIEKG) (UMu)


Year 3

Computer Game Programming (TIDSG) S0012E

Energy Technology (TIETG) W0005T + W0023T

Mechanical Engineering (TIMTG) S0001M + T0019T

Electric Power Engineering (TIEKG) W0023T + W0011T



Master of Wood Construction (TNTTA) W0028t + W0029t



Master Program in Information Security (FMISA)

Master Program in Wood Technology