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Digital harassment and violations

Violations online can be spread quickly and anonymously and can be difficult to remove. Keep in mind that what is not okay to say or do face-to-face is also not okay to do via digital channels.

You should take a stand against all types of violations regardless of where it takes place.  Sometimes our work and study environments move into digital forums and even there we should have a welcoming culture and make everyone feel included and safe. 

It can sometimes be difficult to interpret the intention of a joke written in a chat and therefore it is important to think about how things are expressed.

If you arrange a digital study group or digital coffee break, consider being more inviting so that no one will be excluded. Be helpful to those who are less technical than you are.

At Krä you will find advice about what to do if you have been treated unfairly online, for example, if someone has written a derogatory comment on a forum or posted a picture of you that you do not want to be spread.