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Basic values of central government authorities

Luleå University of Technology's values are based on the basic values of central government authorities, which emphasise democratic values, objectivity and respect for all people's rights and integrity. The values that characterise Luleå University of Technology are courage, closeness and trust. We dare to challenge and question to make room for new ideas. We are proud of each other and of belonging to Luleå University of Technology.

Basic legal principles

The common values can be summarised in six basic principles on the basis of the legal system. It deserves special emphasis on the fact that these principles are common to all government employees, despite their widely differing areas of activity.

There are six basic principles in the public administration based on the legal system:

  • Democracy – that all public power emanates from the people (Chapter 1, Section 1, first paragraph, the form of government (RF)).
  • Legality – that all public activities that are carried out must have support in laws and regulations (Chapter 1, Section 1, last paragraph RF).
  • Objectivity – to observe objectivity and impartiality and that equal cases shall be treated equally (Chapter 1, Section 9 RF).
  • Free expression of opinion – including freedom of expression and information; A prerequisite for the free formation of opinion is the public's right to take part in public documents, the so-called principle of openness (Chapter 1, Section 1, second paragraph RF).
  • Respect – for everyone's equal value and the individual's freedom and dignity where equality, gender equality, compassion and integrity are key words (Chapter 1, Section 2, first paragraph RF).
  • Efficiency and service – it follows from the Budget Act, the Public Administration Act and the Government Ordinance, among other things, that public activities must be conducted as cheaply with as high a quality as possible. Services shall be provided through information, guidance and other assistance to individuals.