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Victoria Bergqvist and Henrietta Stridsman Moller studying to be a nurse at Luleå University. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Students write an essay in the Caribbean

Published: 2 January 2015

In early January, the nursing students Victoria Bergqvist and Henrietta Stridsman Moller go to the Caribbean to work as volunteers at St. John's Hospice. Through an MFS scholarship, they will during 8 weeks gathering material for their essay on nursing at the end of life. Follow their journey on the blog Henni and Vickie adventures in Antigua and Barbuda!

Why did you choose to go to Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean?

We wanted to discover an exotic country in a continent we never have visited. That we never even heard of the country before increased our interest. We want to study nursing in a developing country to get a better understanding of how healthcare might look like in another culture, environment and other conditions. That the country has 365 beaches did not make it any less exciting.

Why did you choose to go together?

– In order to provide extra security when you are in a new place and works with a sensitive topic. We think it is good that we can be there for each other if we would run into problems. Besides, we are good friends and have fun together, so this should be an unforgettable trip.

What is the topic of your essay?

Our study will focus on nursing interventions that promote quality of life in terminal care phases. It will primarily be based on interviews with health care professionals.

What are your expectations?

– We believe that we will meet friendly and helpful people. The contacts we have in the country has been very involved in helping us with our study. We hope that we will experience new exciting and interesting places, a tropical climate and an exotic culture. We also expect that the standard of living and medical care will be different from the one we are used to, for example there is a huge shortage of clean water in the country.