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Minor Field Studies (MFS)

Published: 6 February 2020

Want to go to a third world country for your thesis? Apply for this scholarship!

You at the end of your education can go to a low or middle income country to gather material for your essay or graduate work for a master's, master's or master's degree.

You have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship funded by Sida to leave for at least eight consecutive weeks and a maximum of 26 weeks.

You must have a supervisor at LTU and a contact person at the host organization.

The scholarship
The scholarship fee is a travel allowance of SEK 27,000 and is not intended to cover all costs but is a contribution that usually has to be supplemented with, for example, study funds.

Requirements for applying for the scholarship
To apply for a scholarship for MFS, there are a number of criteria that you must meet. You may not have previously been awarded an MFS scholarship during your study period, or have received another scholarship funded by the University and Higher Education Council or Sida for the same study period as your current application. You may also not have started a postgraduate education.

You are going to:

  • Study at the master's, master's or master's level and use the scholarship to collect material for your essay or thesis.

  • Have good knowledge of English and Swedish. Knowledge in the host country's official languages ​​is meritorious.

  • Be a Swedish citizen or have a permanent residence permit (PUT) in Sweden. If you are from the rest of the Nordic countries but not a Swedish citizen, you should have been registered in Sweden for at least one year.

  • Not earlier in your total study period, MFS fellowship was awarded

  • has never begun education at the postgraduate level

Good to know

If you have...

  • ... permanent residence permit in Sweden you are not allowed to complete your studies in your former home country. The permanent residence of EU citizens is not equal to PUT. If you are from other Nordic countries but do not have Swedish citizenship, you can get a dispensation. You must then be registered in Sweden for at least one year at the time of grant.
  • ... dual citizenship, you are not allowed to complete the study in any of the countries in which you have citizenship.

Supervisor at the university and contact person in the host country

In order to do a field study, you should have a supervisor at LTU and a contact person in the host country. A description of what it means to be a supervisor or contact person can be found below. Remember to convey this to the contact person in the host country.

Supervisor at LTU

Your supervisor will prepare you in good time and assist in project development, method selection, project design and support and facilitate your contacts with the contact person and the authority in the host country.

Contact person in the host country

The contact person in the host country should be able to assist you with practical matters, such as Have a wide network of contacts, find people to interview, give tips on accommodation, transport and inform about safety. It is important to settle with the contact person how the security situation in the country looks. In your application you should describe what role the contact person has and what he / she can help with. The contact person does not need to be attached to a university or college.
The contact person in the host country receives no compensation from Sida or LTU and it is therefore important that you replace him or her for minor expenses in connection with eg. Local travel, material or assistance as an interpreter. Therefore, clearly agree on costs and remuneration so that they can be included in your budget.