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The Best Sports Club for Students in Sweden

Published: 28 October 2014

The Student Sports Club in Luleå has been nominated for 2014's Sports Club of the Year. The association's huge range of activities and an economic Development pointing straight up - are two reasons behind the award.

- This is great fun and we have worked hard to have the best student sport activities. We have we have wide range of activities, ranging from arm wrestling and canoe to the alpine, says Nicklas Gedeborg, marketing manager for Student Sport in Luleå.

The huge range of activities that among others the students at Luleå University of Technology, are offered and which contributed greatly to the Student Sport Club in Luleå, now have designated as one of the strongest and largest student sports club in Sweden, are as follows: alpine skiing, wrestling, basketball, body pump, box, martial arts, core, dance, fishing trips, football, handball, hockey, canoeing, rock climbing, cross country skiing, skating, running, massage / thai massage, adventure racing, orienteering, pilates, yoga, rink bandy, swimming, squash, spinning, uv rugby and volleyball.

- We have 5. 000 members and are growing steadily and it is because that we can attract new people that we are doing so well. Now we will continue to provide the best range of students in Sweden, says Nicklas Gedeborg.

Student Sportclub in Luleå has sports hall and gym located right on the university area in Luleå.

It is Swedish University Sports Federation, who is behind the Year Award compound in 2014. The price of SEK 10 000 was awarded in conjunction with the Federation meeting in Lund and the justification is: "With a huge range of activities in 23 different sections, a strong collaboration with SISU Sports Education and a development that is pointing steadily upwards, the association has in a short time turned a negative financial performance to become one of the strongest and largest student sports clubs in the country. Tenacity, patience and professionalism that few compounds can compete with distinguished StiL in Luleå. "