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Civilingenjör Brandteknik
Lovisa Johansson like skiing recreationally and fire technology at work. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Fire on the job and sparkling white snow on leisure

Published: 23 May 2012

Lovisa Johansson first studied Fire Engineer and is soon a Civil Engineer in Fire Technology.

We met her by chance during a workshop in the mountains where Luleå University of Technology has a recreation facility. Lovisa worked as a janitor at the plant and took givitvis to go a lot of skiing.

From Lovisa´s photo collection

How did skiing interest?

- I took some snowboarding before I started studying at LTU, but after study start, it has escalated. Now I go skiing and have developed a lot. People do that when you have good friends and close to Riksgränsen. Ski Interest on LTU is fantastic and there are many who make it a lifestyle. I have also been involved in the ski section Alpina in Student Sport in Lulea. It allows a lot of skiing and getting away to many different ski resorts.

Lovisa Johansson.jpg

You read the first of Fire, now see 90 extra credits to become a civil engineer in Fire Technology. Why did you take that step?

- I did not feel ready to look for jobs after the thesis and not really knowing what I wanted. But immediately I began postgraduate studies, I felt it was the right thing for me. The courses are more profound in those subjects that you really are interested. It's really fun!

Is the title of engineer vs. an engineer better job, higher salary?

- There is little difference but the title is perhaps more important, for example, if you want to work abroad. For my part, it is that I enjoy learning new things and subjects are interesting. It just felt right.

Should you find yourself overseas?

- I did work experience at a company in Melbourne, Australia, and it was a blast. I can definitely see myself working abroad for a while. Maybe it will be both, many companies in Sweden have the mission worldwide.

The future?

Now the semester ends and the summer I will go to Bergen in Norway and working as a fire engineer. I hope to have time to enjoy the Norwegian nature and I'll be living with my boyfriend who I have not shared accommodation. It will be great. After the summer I will make clear the last two courses in the program and then wait for the thesis of fire technology.