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Good to know - practical information for students at Campus Piteå

Published: 21 March 2016

Here is information for you who studies in Piteå about how to get your LTU card, where the Student receptiondesk is, where the restaurants are and much more.

Address and name change    
Temporary change of address is made through My LTU. If you have changed your name, contact Studenttorget You must have a proof of identity with the new name, or show a ID where the new name appears.
Arrangement in classrooms and exercise rooms    
After each activity, tables, chairs, stands etc. must be returned to their place. The concert piano in the aula must be locked and can be used only after the teacher's permission.
Bulletin board    
Prints  printed on doors, glass panes and walls are immediately removed. Use the message boards available.
Canvas is the system used for communication between teachers and students, a so-called study platform. Address Log in with your student user.
Car and bicycle parking    
Car parking is allowed only in selected locations. At night, parking spaces must be empty, eg to facilitate snow raising during winter time. The same applies to bicycles. Respect the parking ban in front of the entrances! Parking spaces without electricity are located at the parking lot at Hovslagargatan.
Closing ceremony for students 2019   
Information is published later.
Copy cards / LTU-card    
Copy cards for students (LTU-card) can be obtained from the Service Center in the A-Corridor. Then you fill up with money for copying via Payex. The card also serves as a passport. Read more about printing here
See Student Health
Information on help for students with disabilities can be found here
Eating and drinking    
All consumption is prohibited in the library, exercise rooms, classrooms, computer rooms and studios. Restaurant 2 Kök in Acusticum are open at estimated times. Students get cheaper lunch on presentation of LTU cards. Warm-up food can be done in the kitchen in L-area in the Students unions premises.
E-mailing lists by class (only media- and sound engineering students)
From mid-September, e-mail lists are available by class for all media students. They may only be used in study-related cases, in order to try to limit spamming. The lists are in Canvas in the room: General information for students. If you do not have access to this, contact Eva Riklund
Engine block heater    
Available in connection with Campus Piteå. Contact KKL for more information.
Is ooked through the reservation system on the web The link is also available under My LTU / Reserve, book. Contact Servicecenter if you have any questions regarding loans from KKL's equipment in Piteå. Errors regarding equipment, furnishings and the property are reported by e-mail; or phone 0911-726 84.
See Student Health.
More information about your insurances as a foreign student at LTU here.
IT, computers and access    
Information is given during the introduction days. Do you have any questions, please contact Servicenter in the A-Corridor or Service Desk in Luleå, tel 0920-491664 (int +46 920 491 664), or via forms on the web
Special library information is provided by the library staff
Lock, passenger control & burglary alarm    
See separate information available when handing out LTU cards and keys.
LTU card    
A collective name for a card with these features: Passport, print and copy, card ID, patron card. You must be a registered student for a card.
If you are registered for at least one course at LTU and you are a member of the Student Union, you will receive the Mecenat logo on your LTU card. If you read at least 75%, you also have the right to the SJ logo for travel discounts. Some travel taxes (eg Stockholm's local traffic) require a special symbol, so we recommend either downloading the patch or ordering a separate card from Mecenat to be on the safe side. Link
Other arrangement rules
Bicycles, inlines and skateboards are not allowed indoors (mainly for safety reasons but also for cleaning).
See LTU card
See LTU card.
Private phone call / private mail    
Do not use the school's mailing address and phone number for private use. We do not forward private mail.
Registration for the autumn term program is made for the first semester during the introduction period. Then students register themselves for courses they read in reading period 1. In reading period 3 you also make a term registration on the program. Registration is made the three days of each reading period. Registration is done in LTU / My LTU / Register, register. Log in with your student user and password.
Schedule for courses will be on the web 2 weeks before course start. Most schedules are available in LTU's TimeEdit schedule system.
Service center    
Available in the A corridor. Opening hours 9-16 weekdays.
A general smoking ban is available in the University's premises, and outside all entrances up to 15 meters from the building.
In terms of availability, there is the possibility of storing clothes, instruments and other things in a lockable cabinet. Key to the cupboards is sent out at the Service Center for a deposit. Under the current regulations, the institution does not have any insurance for instruments. Therefore never leave your instrument unattended.
Student health    
Student health is available in Piteå for booked meetings about 1.5 days / week. You will reach them via mail They respond to your mail quickly, usually within 8 hours (during working week).
Student reception desk    
Students reception desk is situated in the library. There you will find answers to your questions about studies, how to register, get help with certificates and much more. Opening hours 12-14.
Student Union    
The students at KKL in Piteå are represented by the Piteå Student section, which is part of the Luleå Student Union. Read more here
Study counselor    
Contact the student counselor Anny Lindqvist, tel. 0911-72737, if you have questions concerning your studies, especially if you want to change programs or have information on study breaks.
Study results    
You see your results in my LTU, web LTU. Log in with your student user and password. If you have questions, contact Student Reception desk in the library.
Tentamina - download    
Your exam will be scanned and you will receive an email with a link to your exam. You can also find your exam under the heading entitled Reasonable Exams at My LTU. It is possible to appeal the appeal
Tentamina - notification    
You must enroll via My LTU to all exams you want to write, even to the excerpt. You do it through my LTU. There are also your exams scanned. More info is available from Studenttorget.
Test result    
You see your results in my LTU
User ID (student user ID)    
Enable your student ID as soon as possible. You use the login you received at If you have problems, contact IT service via Studentweb / My LTU / Contact LTU, IT Services and Support, tel. +46 920 494964.
Windows must not be opened because the heating and ventilation system will be deactivated.
Other questions about your studies?
Contact Eva Riklund mail, Malin Berg mail or Ylva Hannus mail in the L-corridor and we will help you.

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