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Be inspired and join the conversation about the theme "Change for Inclusiveness"

As society is changing at a rapid pace right now, this change must include everyone. People living in rural areas, as well as in cities people must feel trust and security, the digital transformation in society must also accelerate the ecological recovery and for that to happen, we must be connected. 


16:00 Mingle
A chance to engage with others.

16:30 Session One
Reality check - effort and effect for women and men, Gertrud Åström
Naked online, Hanna Linderståhl

17:00 Intermission
Stretch your legs and your minds during the intermission. Enjoy a bit of mulled wine and a saffron bun.

17:30 Session Two
Monsters all around us, Meleknur Alevcan

17.45 Speaker Meet & Greet