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An upgraded, vibrant, flexible university library

Published: 24 January 2019

Open library lounge all evening, where a cup of coffee from the library café can be enjoyed, modern luminaires in roofs and bookshelves, more electrical outlets, top ventilation, various learning places, self-help area for borrowing and lending books and library staff who supervise and support students in their own learning; a little insight into what the new university library offers.

At the forefront of Sweden

Spring 2020 will start moving into the new modern university library (floor by floor) that has remained closed after the snowy winter 2018 due to a roof ridge. As the library was then closed, the university took the opportunity, instead of merely fixing the ceiling and resulting damage, also dare to make a major modernization and adapt the library to the new needs that exist in a university library.

- This means that with our modernization, we can now be at the forefront when it comes to university libraries in Sweden. We incorporate flexibility in the library, frameworks, which allow us to adjust to new needs. We do not know exactly how the library will develop once it is put into use, says Eva Nyman.

Durability and flexibility

The renovations and adaptations that Luleå University of Technology and the property owner Akademiska Hus make in the library are characterized by long-term and sustainability with a flexible and challenging learning environment. In the heart of the library is a research square with seating groups. Here, students and researchers, staff and students should be able to meet in a natural and inspiring way. Dissertations will be digitally nailed here with open ceremonies. The Grants Office, which helps university researchers find external funding, will place some of their activities here.

- The whole of the university library makes me very happy. Everything is connected, at the same time as we have had a variation. The feeling of the beautiful building remains and we have been able to reuse a lot from the old library, says Eva Nyman.

The sketches above show the idea of the new library:

  • The new university library gets several exciting areas, including research centers, presentation studio, and meeting bubbles; where students and researchers can train, for example, presentations and have meetings with staff from the library and Luleå University of Technology. There will be lounge areas and a number of exciting study areas; quiet reading room, pop-down places and classic study places
  • Educational learning environment, in a modern design where the University Educational Center, HPC and the library can meet groups in a challenging and exciting learning environment
  • The popular study sites on level 3, along the shelf with an overview of the library remain, but are refreshed
  • The surface layers are painted and new textile rugs are put into group rooms. The wooden floor in the other library is sanded and oiled
  • New fixture in ceiling and interior (bookshelves)
  • A new ventilation solution is installed which provides a flexible solution for future needs / adaptations
  • Exterior sunshade on the side facing the A-house (the large glass sections, level 2)
  • The water dam will be maintained, but will be upgraded by Akademiska hus to be commissioned again

– The new university library will be an inspiration for students, staff and the public and a good study environment. All persons should be able to find a place in the library that suits them, Eva Nyman, says, Deputy Director at the University Library at Luleå University of Technology.