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Published: 2 March 2020

Updated April 1. 11.40

Luleå University of Technology's coordination group has meetings every day to update information and take possible actions.

Latest information

Work at home from March 30 – when it's possible

  • Sweden has a spread of the corona virus and covid-19 in several parts of Sweden. The Public Health Agency recommends that work should be done from home if possible, in consultation with the manager. The purpose is to reduce the rate of spread of infection and to keep down the number of people in need of hospital care.

  • In order to contribute to a further reduction in social contacts, not least when traveling to and from work, the management of Luleå University of Technology has decided that employees as far as possible shall work from home with beginning at Monday March 30.

  • Work from home is done in agreement with the nearest manager. Due to the nature of the tasks and the needs of the business, not all employees will be able to work from home. The workplace is still accessible and if the work requires it, employees should show up at the workplace. The aim is not to avoid staying in the university premises, but to generally reduce exposure and social contacts in both working and social life.

  • All managers at Luleå University of Technology must enable their employees to work at home in whole or in part with the tasks that can be performed remotely. If employees work at home, it requires a close dialogue with their immediate boss and colleagues. Homework should be planned and followed up in dialogue between the manager and employees.

  • Insurance when working at home 
    A person who carries out his / her work at home and who is exposed to an accident can be insured for accidents at work in accordance with the Personal Injury Agreement (PSA). However, this presupposes that the accident is clearly and directly related to the work being done.More information about the insurances at the University. 
    ​Read more about insurances in the FAQ.

If you are sick

  • As an employee of Luleå University of Technology, you must report sick leave as usual. The university makes a reduction of one day of your salay as usual. If the government decides to abolish the waiting period deduction, you request compensation from Försäkringskassan.You can follow information from Försäkringskassan here.
  • In normal cases, you must submit a medical certificate after day 7. From March 27, medical certificates are only needed after 21 days of sickness when you apply for sickness benefit. The Healt centers in Norrbotten can issue medical certificates by telephone.
  • Absence from work due to being, or suspected of being infected in accordance with the provisions of the Infection Protection Act (2004: 168), must be paid through a decision by the treating physician, infection control physician or the equivalent in order to be paid a salary.

Earlier information

  • The University follows the government's recommendation to only have distance education from 18 March 2020. Students are advised to check their LTU e-mail. More information about examination and study period 4 you will find in the FAQ.

Recommendations to avoid the spred of Covid-19

  • Important! If you are sick, stay at home! Do not return to work or school for at least two days after you have recovered.
  • If you have a family member who is ill, you can go to work as long as you have no symptoms yourself.
  • Important! If you are sick, stay at home!
  • All employees/students who exhibit the slightest signs of cold/respiratory symptoms should stay at home, according to recommendations from the the Publich Health Agency of Sweden
  • Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and eyes and close contact with people who are sick.

Recommendations from Luleå University of Technoloy

  • Recommendation not to receive international visitors, the recommendation applies for all countries.
  • Recommendation to cancel all unnecessary international business trips.
  • Recommendation on great restraint also for business trips within Sweden, alternative meeting arrangements should be strongly considered.
  • Employees who are abroad are advised to take part of information from Resklar on the Foreign Ministry's website. 
  • Employees who have visited affected areas are recommended to stay home the first week after returning home. Thereafter, dialogue takes place with the nearest manager.

Check your facts and stay updated

Continue to follow information at this web site and the websites of the expert authorities. As the situation is constantly changing the University's management has daily coordination meetings.


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