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Help us redesign Regnbågsallén!

Published: 20 June 2019

As a student or employee, you are welcome to give use your input and suggestions about the rebuilding of Regnbågsallén.

During the autumn of 2018, Akademiska Hus decided to invest 50 million on various measures to improve the external environment on the university campus in Luleå. This initiative will last for three years and will be ready in time for the university's 50th anniversary.

The focus on the external environment goes beyond the ordinary maintenance and will result in improvements that must be visible to students, employees and visitors.

The measures will consist of both permanent and temporary solutions and, among other things, walking paths will be improved and new meeting places will be created.

Submit your suggestions before 190627. It is also possible to submit suggestions after that date, but it may be more difficult to consider the ideas and they may become other projects for possible implementation.

If you have any questions, please contact

Iréne Lernstål Askenryd

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