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The university welcomed students back

Published: 1 November 2021

Monday, November 1, the second study period began and the University reopened completely again after the pandemic. The students were welcomed back to Luleå with coffee, music and surprises. Coffee was served during the day at all University locations.

–The students are very happy to be back and meet again, to participate in social activities and lessons. It has been lonely for many not to meet their class mates, said Amanda Jonsson, chairman of the Luleå Student Union, who was on site in Luleå to answer questions from other students and media.

For 20 months, Luleå University of Technology has conducted distance teaching and digital exams, according to recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. In recent months, there has been a gradual return, but from the start of the second reading period, most things are "as usual" again. An enormous effort has been made in extremely short time to adjust teaching and examination methods that the pandemic has required so far. For the students, especially the new ones, it was a break in student life. 

– It is fantastic to be able to open the university again and to see our students back. They have been incredibly resilient during the pandemic, and as a university we have managed us from major outbreaks among students. At the same time, it has been an enormously tough time for many. Now the students need to be reunited with various activities that increase community and well-being, said Veronika Sundström, Head of Professional Services at Luleå University of Technology. 

"Fun to see people again"

Anton Kobylak Berglund, is studying the Master Program in Mechanical Engineering, and took the opportunity to have coffee at Regnbågsallén with his classmates today. He has visited the university now and then during the pandemic since he has worked on a project course, but says that it has been very empty.

- It's fun to see all the people again and be up and running with lectures on site. 



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