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Waiting Room or Passcode mandatory for Zoom meetings from 27 th of September 2020

Published: 25 September 2020

Zoom enforces security increasing measures from the 27 th of September. From that date and onwards all meetings must have ONE OF TWO security settings enabled in order to start a meeting.

You as a meeting host can choose between:

Waiting Room activated. When connecting to a meeting, participants will first connect to a waiting room and you as a host can admit them to the meeting one by one or all at once.

Passcode activated. Participants must submit a code in order to connect to the meeting – the code is automatically embedded into the meeting link. Note that if you add a passcode to existing meetings, the calendar invite must be resent to include the passcode.

If NONE of these settings are enabled for your meeting, Zoom will automatically enable Waiting Room settings for your meeting. Keep an eye on the participants list during the meeting. Participants in the Waiting Room will be first in the list.

You can enable the security settings by logging in to your Zoom-account (with LTU-login) here:

Choose “Sign in” (Configure your account), choose “Settings” in the left menu and then “Security”.

Here you can find more information regarding Waiting Room and Passcode settings:

What are the implications of automatically enabled Waiting Room function in Zoom?


Waiting Room will be enabled for Zoom meetings for employees and students at Luleå University of Technology (unless Passcode is enabled according to the information above). The purpose of the mandatory setting is to further reduce the risk of unauthorized meting participants.

In practice it means that if you klick on a meeting invitation link in order to connect to a Zoom meeting you will, as a first step, end up in a waiting room. The host of the meeting will be notified that there are attendees in the waiting room and admits them to the meeting. It also means that it will not be possible to connect to a meeting before the host. This change in settings is mandatory for all students and employees scheduling and inviting to Zoom meetings.

This change in security settings regarding Waiting Room does not affect how you create meetings or invite to them.

You admit participants from the waiting room in the following way:

  1. Click on “Admit” to let participants in one by one.
  2. Click on “Admit All” to admit several participants at once.
  3. As meeting host in an already started meeting you can change the settings for “Enable Waiting Room” so that all participants can join the meeting directly (not recommended). This is done via the Security button in the meeting controls, where you uncheck the box for “Enable Waiting Room”. Note that Waiting Room is reenabled for your account as soon as the meeting ends

For supplementary settings for your Waiting Room, for example image or text messages, read more here: