Förändring under studiertiden
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Change or Withdraw from Studies

Transfer of Credits

If you wish to transfer study credits from previous courses taken at another university, you must have achieved a Pass grade that is equivalent to courses/programmes given at LTU. You can transfer credits for compulsory courses. Include optional courses when applying for your degree.

You can also transfer equivalent knowledge and proficiency that you have acquired in a professional capacity.

To qualify as a student you need to be enrolled in, and actively pursue, higher education studies.

Once you have handed in a correctly filled out form, the processing time is up to four weeks.

Withdraw from Studies

If you want to quit your program, you need to do a formal withdrawal. Should you want to later resume studies at a later date, you will need to apply again.

Withdraw from courses

There are two types of withdrawal:

1. Early withdrawal

is made within three weeks of the quarter (third Sunday after the first day of registration at the latest). An early withdrawal means you can re-apply for the course at a later time.

2. Late withdrawal

is made if you have followed the course for more than three weeks. Registration is done by filling out the form "Late withdrawal" below. A late withdrawal means that you can’t apply for the course again at a later time, you can only retake the course if there is a vacant position for a re-registration in the course.

Programme interruption

If you want to cancel your studies on the programme or arena, the forms below must be filled in. If you feel uncertainty about your decision, you are welcome to contact a study counselor for guidance.

Date of study interruption is the date you fill out the form. Interruptions to unfinished courses within the programme take place automatically as interruptions to programmes are registered.

Fill in the form only when you have received results on all courses you have intended to complete.

Anyone who has discontinued the studies can apply for the programme again.