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What happens after the degree certificate is issued?

Your degree is registered in the study documentation system Ladok and your diploma is sent by post to the current address registered in Ladok.

To think of! The exam is only available in an original, so be careful about that. In the event of a loss of diploma, you can apply for a copy of the original.

What is an alumnus?

Coming from the Latin word meaning "disciple," today alumnus is used to refer to a former student of a higher learning center.  If you have studied at Luleå University of Technology, then you are automatically an alumnus.

Join the Alumni Network!

The Alumni Network is an influential network of over 30,000 members who have studied at the university. As a member, you will get access to exclusive offers and events.

  • You will receive invitations to alumni reunions in different cities around Sweden to which we invite interesting speakers or companies who talk about their recruitment needs
  • A chance to influence a range of courses aimed at professionals
  • Information about special training and skills at the university
  • You can sign up as a mentor to a current student
  • You can guest lecture in your subject area or tell about your career path
  • You can receive a thesis student in your company
  • You can get help staying up-to-date with current research in your industry