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Farewell Ceremony Luleå

Luleå University of Technology has the pleasure of inviting those who are about to graduate or have completed their studies to a farewell ceremony.

Note: The Farewell Ceremony takes place in SwedishAn

Registration is closed.

The farewell ceremony will take place on Saturday 4 June at Kulturens hus in Luleå. Each student will have the opportunity to  invite two guests.

Times for the ceremonies:

At 12.00
Occupational therapist
Digital service development, candidate
Graphic Design
Health guidance bachelor health promotion
Psychology, candidate
Master's thesis
Sociology, candidate
Specialist ambulance service
Specialist anesthesia care
Specialist intensive care
Systems science, candidate (normal)

At 14.00
MSc in Economics
Economics, candidate
Preschool teacher
Basic teacher, preschool and elementary 1-3
Primary teacher, primary school years 4-6
International business, master
International Economics, Bachelor
Jurisprudence, Bachelor
The special education program
Political science, candidate
Subject teacher, high school