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Farewell Ceremony Luleå

Luleå University of Technology has the pleasure of inviting those who are about to graduate or have completed their studies to a farewell ceremony.

Note: The Farewell Ceremony will take place in Swedish

Welcome to Luleå University of Technology's Closing Ceremony for winter 2022.

The closing ceremony will be held on Wednesday, December 7 in the afternoon at Kulturens Hus. The ceremony is addressed to you with a technical education that ends in June or to you with a philosophical education that graduates in January.

Registration is now closed for this year's ceremony.

Ceremony 1 14.30
Automotive systems technology
Fire engineer
building and Construction
Civil engineering architecture
Master of Science in computer technology
Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
MSc in technical physics and electrical engineering
Master of Science in Technical Design
Civil engineer road and water
Road and water construction, master
Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology
Technology Candidate Energy Technology
University engineer computer technology
Master of Science in International Materials Technology
Master of Engineering
Materials technology, master
Space technology
Tribology, Masters

Ceremony 2 16.30
Preschool teacher
Master in Civil Engineering with specialization in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering (Geoscience, specialization ore geology and environmental geochemistry, master)
Master of Science in Industrial Economics
Complementary pedagogical education year 7-9
Community building

More information about the ceremony will be sent via email shortly.