Features of the Card

Published: 9 September 2016

Printing and Copying - Once you have created a PayEx account (see below), your LTU card will start working for prints.

Student Union ID - When you have paid your Student Union fee, you can update your card and the Student Union logo will be printed on the card. The validity period for a Student Union ID will be printed at the bottom of the card.

Mecenat Card for student discounts - If you are registered in at least one course at LTU, and if you are a member of a student union, you can get the Mecenat logo on your LTU card and thereby use it as a Mecenat card. If you are studying more than 75% you also have the right to get the SJ logo printed on your card for travel discounts.

Access Card - At campus Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå the card can be used for gaining access via the entrance doors in the evenings and weekends, and to certain internal doors. A personal four-digit code is required.

Training Card - If you sign up for membership at MittLivsStil in Luleå, you can use your LTU card as your training card. MittLivsStil's reception staff will help you.