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LTU Card

Your LTU Card gives you access to the following:

* Access Card
* Printing and copying
* Student Union Identification
* Mecenat Card (for student discounts)

You must be a registered student to get a card.

Get a student card

If you are student registered in a programme, you will receive your LTU card during the first day of orientation.

This is how it works:

  1. Bring a valid photo ID (identity card, driving license, passport)
  2. You will be photographed.
  3. You will receive your card directly.
  4. You will need to update your card each term in an updating machine once you have registered for the course. 
  5. Activate the card and choose a four-digit PIN on My LTU (upper right corner of this page).

If you have not received a card or are only taking individual courses, you should bring your valid ID and visit Service Point/the Student Reception Desk at your campus. 

Activate your card or change the pin code

To activate your card or change the pin code you log into My LTU (see upper right corner of this page). Click on your name in the top right corner, choose My account > LTU Card and follow the instructions. 

Update your card

To extend the validity of your card, you need to update your LTU card every term after registering for a course. There are updating machines located at Student Reception Desk/Service Point.

Are you in need of expanding the availability of your card, please contact Student reception desk/Service Point.

Features of the card

Student Union ID - When you have paid your Student Union fee, you can update your card and the Student Union logo will be printed on the card. The validity period for a Student Union ID will be printed at the bottom of the card.

Mecenat Card for student discounts - If you are registered in at least one course at LTU, and if you are a member of a student union, you can get the Mecenat logo on your LTU card and thereby use it as a Mecenat card. If you are studying more than 75% you also have the right to get the SJ logo printed on your card for travel discounts.

Access Card - At all campuses the LTU card can be used for gaining access via the entrance doors in the evenings and weekends, and to certain internal doors. A personal four-digit code is required.

LTU cards for distance students

As a distance student you do not need to obtain an LTU card. But if you visit one of our campuses, it is a good idea to get one on the first day if you want to print something out or use the entrance doors after 5pm.

Mecenat Card for Distance Students

After you have paid the Student Union fees Mecenat will send out log in information for the Mecenat app within a couple of days. If you want a Mecenat card you need to contact the office of your Student Union.