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Application for VFU courses

Published: 15 April 2015

From autumn 2014, the sharp entry requirements for admission to all placement courses and for the independent work (degree project course). This means that students must keep up to date with your training plan to see which forwards that includes placement and self-apply for admission to these courses if you intend to read them the next time the course is given. You are looking for courses via Application Deadline for placement courses taught during the next fall semester is April 15 and internship courses taught during the next spring semester is the last SEARCH DATE 15 October.

When you enter via the LTU's homepage on My LTU are you direktinloggad as a program student and then the courses can then search your internship course / degree project course directly there.

Alternatively, you can search according to the instructions found below.

In order to be admitted to a course, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. If you are unsure of the specific entrance requirements for the courses you intend to search, you can find information about the competence of the curriculum.

You must always answer your admission to not lose your place and thus internship placement.



NOTE: If you have had a study break and do not follow the ordinary course of study can it be that the right course is not visible for you, then contact the student.