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 Towa Åström, Barcelona, Anna Friberg, Kiruna, SSK

Nurse regular

The Department of Health Sciences has signed an agreement with Region Norrbotten and all municipalities in Norrbotten regarding VFU sites.

The VFU sites we have under agreements are in hospitals and health centers within Region Norrbotten and within municipal operations in Norrbotten's municipalities.

The whole county is our catchment area and the places we have under the agreements are the places that must be allocated for each course. This may involve some travel and accommodation elsewhere during the VFU periods.
When the site access is insufficient on any location, draw is applied.

Operational training places within inpatient care:
Sunderby hospital, Piteå river valley hospital, Kalix hospital, Gällivare hospital and Kiruna hospital.

Business places in primary care:

All health centers in the county

Business places within the municipalities:
Elderly care: All municipalities in the county
Psychiatric care: Luleå, Boden, Kalix, Gällivare, Kiruna and Piteå municipality

Sätter kanyl

Nurse - Information for supervisors

VFU courses within the nursing program

Course code O0092H (SSKLtu_1omvgrund), ssk term 1

Course code O0093H (SSKLtu_2Hälsof care), ssk term 2

Course code O0096H (SSKLtu_3soma), ssk term 3

Course code O0097H (SSKLtu_4psychiatry), ssk term 4

Course code O0056H (SSKLtu_6soma), ssk term 6

O0104H Care and nursing of the elderly, SSK term 5, ht20

Course code O0100H (KUSSKLtu_1soma)