Occupational Therapist Occupational Education, VFU

Published: 11 December 2015

Information and routines for practical training for occupational therapy students at LTU. The practice is called vocational education, VFU.

Placement courses

The occupational therapist program is carried out as distance education with studies at home and at LTU Campus in Luleå. The student conducts three VFU courses during the course of education. Course A0035H, Term 4, VFU for five weeks. Investigating client activity and community participation, client approach and collaboration with other professions in health and social services . Course A0041H term 5, VFU for nine weeks. Investigation, action and evaluation of actions, as well as reporting measures and reflecting on ethical dilemmas. Course A0042H term 6, VFU for five weeks. Continued skills in performing actions as well as in evaluating evidence-based work and providing suggestions for improvement work within the business. Prerequisites. Read more about the pre-requisites and approved grades required for the VFU courses
see the respective syllabus, under the authority.

Internship places.
The course objectives for the respective VFU course determine the activities in which the student can complete the respective course. In general, we recommend that the student conduct his VFU courses within the county council's end-care and outpatient care and in municipal activities. VFU sites are also available in employment agencies, insurance funds and private businesses. The VFU placement will support the student's career planning. Tutorials under VFU should be given by a registered occupational therapist, preferably with supervisor training. The education has primary agreements for VFU sites in the northern region. Our students have the opportunity to carry out VFU (vocational education) throughout Sweden if there are vacancies. Information and instructions about VFU sites in Norrbotten and the rest of Sweden, see "VFU site registration".