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Ellinor Hoff, Malmö, Dalia Hellmark, Kristianstad, Fanny Vesterlund, Piteå, SSK 12 LTU

Nurse and Specialist Nurse - distance education

The Department of Health, Education and Technology has signed an agreement with Region Norrbotten and all municipalities in the county regarding VFU sites for the courses that are given at the department.

The VFU sites we have under agreements are in hospitals and health centers within Region Norrbotten and within municipal operations in Norrbotten's municipalities.

The whole county is our catchment area and the places we have under the agreements are the places that must be allocated for each course. This may involve some travel and accommodation elsewhere during the VFU periods.
When the site access is insufficient on any location, draw is applied.

Operational training places within inpatient care:
Sunderby hospital, Piteå river valley hospital, Kalix hospital, Gällivare hospital and Kiruna hospital.

Business places in primary care:
All health centers in the county

Business places within the municipalities:
Elderly care: All municipalities in the county
Psychiatric care: Luleå, Boden, Kalix, Gällivare, Kiruna and Piteå municipality

Field studies specialist nurse emergency care

Guidelines on placement

The Department of Health, Education and Technology has agreed places for field studies with the region of Norrbotten. It is the institution's VFU administrator who places the students at the agreed places.

Prior to field studies, approximately 1-2 weeks before, information and placement list are added to the classroom. The date when the placements are sent to the activity is shown in the information in the course room for each field study.
The student should contact the unit by email before the field study is to begin.
In the first place, the head of the department is contacted by the unit manager.

NOTE! There is no remuneration from the university when placed on field studies. It is only for vfu placement of at least one week for compensation.

Guidelines for placement on vocational education (VFU) outside Norrbotten

The following applies to the nurse and specialist nurse programs (distance). For VFU placement outside Norrbotten, the request must be made as follows. Please note that no places abroad can be guaranteed! It is the coordinators in each region who oversee whether they can offer places to external students. This is because we do not have agreed places in county councils / regions outside Norrbotten. If a place outside Norrbotten is not obtained 8 weeks before the current VFU course starts, the student will be placed at VFU in Norrbotten, where there is an agreement. When space is allocated, it is not possible to change location. Clarification regarding nursing students in semester 1: 1 the vfu course is already in the third course week, which means that the investments must be ready already the first week of the course. This course only applies to placement in Norrbotten where we have contracted vfu sites. It is very important that the student applies for study breaks / study breaks as below, so that the VFU site can be canceled. Immediately notify the VFU administrator at Health Sciences if the VFU site obtained must be canceled. LTU is charged for non-canceled VFU sites.

The students have two options for applying for a VFU place outside Norrbotten:

Option 1. Inquiry via VFU administrator at the department of HLV

Students who want to make an inquiry about a VFU place within one of the following  regions must report this via the form below.

NOTE! This is a request only.
No guarantee of obtaining a VFU place, as we do not have agreed places in other regions outside Norrbotten.

Upon request, you send in the semester before you go out on vfu. The form is open only for the specified period,

January 1 - March 15 for courses during the autumn semester.
August 1 - September 15 for courses during the spring semester.

  • Jämtland County Council and Jämtland municipalities
  • Kronoberg Region
  • Gävleborg Region
  • Värmland Region
  • Västernorrland Region
  • Västmanland Region
  • Kalmar County Region
  • Region Skåne (Inquiry only for vfu in inpatient care).
    NOTE! Placement in primary care in Skåne
    No possibility
    to offer vfu places to students from other universities in the country. NOTE! Region Skåne has very limited opportunities to offer VFU places to students from universities other than their own universities.
  • Region Sörmland
  • Uppsala Region
  • Stockholm Region
    The care operations in Stockholm have very limited opportunities to offer VFU places to students from universities other than KI.
  • NOTE! Primary care in Stockholm currently does not have the opportunity to offer VFU places to students from universities other than KI.
  • Västerbotten Region
  • Västra Götaland Region

Here, the link to the form will be displayed, when the application is open:

Option 2. Request for VFU site as the student does himself

  • Request for a VFU site in other regions (not those listed in section 1), municipal activities and private healthcare providers, shall be via the ordering, coordination function of VFU in each activity.
    Contact the exchange for further reference.
  • When the student has received a VFU site, the student submits the contact information of the VFU site, to the VFU-administrator at LTU, in the form below no later than 8 weeks before the VFU course begins. If contact information is not received, the student is placed at VFU in Norrbotten .
Toppbild intensivvård

Specialist nurse - Information for supervisors

Courses within specialist nurse

Course code O7068H Student health, spec district, autumn 20

Course code O7075H (SpANLtu_2anl), ht20

Course code O7069H (SpIVALtu_1ival), ht20

Course code O7078H (SpOpLtu_1opl), ht20

Course code O7081H (SpDSKLtu_1distrl), ht20