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VFU rules and routines - Health

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Application for priority in placement internship

The application for priority only applies where LTU has agreed VFU places. On each program's VFU page, it is stated where we have agreed VFU places.

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Vaccination and health declaration before VFU

As a student, you must check your vaccination protection before you go out to your company-based education. If you need to complete a health declaration, sampling before you start the company-based training, you must take care of this yourself and any control and supplementation of your protection!

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E-service card

If you are going to do VFU outside Norrbotten, you must check with the business, at least one month before the VFU period begins, if you need an e-service card.

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As a student, you are insured through Kammarkollegiet’s (the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) injury insurance during school hours and while travelling directly between home and the university.

Personal injury

If you who are a student injure yourself at the university daytime during study time or on the way to or from university in connection with studies, you must make a notification of the event.

Study Abroad

This information is for Swedish students wishing to study in other countries.

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Internship placements - KliPP

Here you can find information how to login to the KliPP tool (positioning tool) where you see your internship placement for courses in Region Norrbotten.