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Results and certificates

Results for modules in courses are reported in Ladok and will be first visible in the preliminary results.

Once the results have been confirmed, they will show in the Registry Transcript and you can create a certificate showing what you have completed.

Registry transcript

In the registry transcript, you can see your registrations, results and admissions to courses at Luleå University of Technology.

For courses to appear under the heading Completed Courses, the final grades for courses need to be registered. This is done after all the parts are reported.

My certificates

You can create a certificate for your registrations and results. There are three different certificates that you can create:

  1. A certificate of registration showing up the registrations you have done under the specified terms.
  2. A certificate of the results you have done at Luleå University of Technology, including items of uncompleted courses.
  3. A certificate of the results you have received from other universities in Sweden, provided that they use Ladok.

Verifiable certificates

You can only save 15 verifiable certificates that will be valid for one year. Registration certificates will be verifiable by default.

Before you save a certificate, you can make different choices about what should appear on the certificate. Try it out before you save it as a verifiable certificate.