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Frequently asked questions and answers about Inspera

Published: 31 January 2022

Here are common questions and answers related to exams in Inspera.

What is eduroam?

Eduroam is a wireless network that gives students and staff access to wireless internet when staying at affiliated universities and colleges. We use eduroam at LTU.

More information about eduroam (wifi)


Can I write my digital campus exam in Inspera if I do not have my login information for eduroam at hand at the time of the exam?

We want you before the exam to ensure that you can log in to eduraom on your computer, and know your login details to eduroam if you need to log in to a loan computer.

At present, it is possible to connect to, for example, LTU guest networks, but it is not as reliable as eduroam, so we do not recommend it.


I do not have a laptop to take to campus, what do I do?

If you do not have a laptop or can not borrow a laptop from someone, LTU will provide a place in the computer room during the exam. However, you must register if you want a place in the computer room, you do this by:

  • No later than one week before the exam, email stating that you need a place in the computer room and stating:
    • Your name
    • Course code for the exam
    • Date of examination is conducted


Where can I find my digital exam in Inspera?

  • Open a web browser and enter in the address field: .
  • Log in with your LTU ID.
  • You will find the exams you are registered for and which have been published in Inspera under "My exams". Normally, exams are published in Inspera the day before the exam and no later than 30 minutes before the writing time begins.


How do I know which aids are allowed on the exam?

Contact the course coordinator if you are unsure of which aids are allowed. You will also be able to read this on the information page for the exam when you have clicked on "Open the exam".


How do I activate spelling check on my exam?

If the spelling function is activated on the exam, you can switch the function on / off in the answer box for essay questions. At present, spelling is only supported in essay questions.


How do I activate text to speech on my exam?

  • Open the menu (the three bars at the top right of Inspera) in the exam.
  • Select "Text to speech".
  • Select "Activate".

The function works by selecting the text you want to read aloud and then pressing the play button that appears next to the text you selected.

To deactivate text to speech, enter the menu in the same way and select deactivate.


Where can I find my submitted exam in Inspera?

Open a web browser and enter in the address field: where you log in with your LTU ID. You will find your submitted exams under "Archive".


What is a blank exam?

Submitting a blank exam means that you submit an exam without an answer. The exam will then be assessed and normally means the grade failed. If you have written answers in an exam in Inspera and choose to submit a blank exam, all your answers will be deleted from the exam. Submitting a blank must be done before the writing time ends. Note that completed short selling cannot be undone.


Can I submit a blank exam in Inspera?

Of course, start by calling the exam supervisor when you want to submit a blank exam. Then open the menu (the three bars at the top right of Inspera) in the exam. Select "Submit blank".


When can I see the results of my exams in Inspera?

Examination results are announced no later than three weeks after the examination and no later than two weeks before the next re-examination.

  • The exam result (grades) can be seen at Mitt LTU - Ladok for students.
  • Points for your corrected exam in Inspera can be found at in your Archive.


Where in Inspera do I see the results of the exam?

When the exam has been assessed and the results page has been published, you will find the results, ie the points and any comments in Inspera under Archive.

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