Special circumstances

Published: 10 October 2016

Double exams

If you have multiple examinations (two or more examinations on the same day) you need to register to your exams at My LTU, and then you must notify the exam administration before the application deadline has passed.

The main rule is that no additional write time is granted, write time is the time that the longest exam has.

Specific reasons can be tested at the exam administration.

If you are a distance student, you do not need to fill out the following form.

Last exam before graduating

If you only have one exam left to complete your degree, you may be given an opportunity to sit an additional exam.

To do this, all other courses including the degree project (thesis), must be finished. The study counsellors can provide verification that that is the case.

Requests to sit additional exams must be submitted to the department at least one month in advance. If you fail this extra exam, you must wait until the next regularly schedule exam period to re-sit the exam.

Exams in courses that are discontinued

Exams for discontinued courses should be given to an extent necessary to allow the students to pursue their studies in a reasonable amount of time.

Exams should be scheduled twice in the first year after the course is discontinued. After this, the exam is scheduled once per year for an additional two years after the course is discontinued.