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Examinations in other locations

Published: 10 October 2016

N.B. The English regulations on this webpage differ from the Swedish and are intended exclusively for EEIGM and Erasmus Mundus students (or similar) who in their study programme have compulsory studies at partner universities abroad, or foreign exchange students at LTU with an established exchange agreement.


Written examinations should normally be taken at LTU, though in exceptional cases – provided you have strong reasons – you may be allowed to write the examination at another location.

The following are considered strong reasons:

  1. If you are unable to attend examination at the regular LTU location due to personal illness or military service.
  2. If you are residing at another location for the purposes of your on-going programme/course (e.g. work experience, degree project or course at other university).
  3. If you have a residual exam (1 examination) left for a maximum of three years after the last regular programme semester.
  4. If you are conducting studies in accordance with the elite sports agreement (dnr 353-15).

Reasons 1, 2 and 3 must be certified (in Swedish or English):

Reason 1:
Illness by doctor’s certificate, and compulsory Military service by conscription, both with clearly stated dates.
Reason 2:
Internship, degree project and similar evidence with a certificate from the company, start and end dates must be clearly stated. Studies abroad are confirmed with the admission notice from the host university in the country you are going to study, semester dates must be clearly stated. All certificates must be signed.
Reason 3:
The final exam must be verified with a certificate from your study advisor.

Examination venue requirements

It is your responsibility to contact the examination venue you are proposing to check that it meets the requirements. This must be done before you apply for permission to write take your examination in another location.

The examination venue must have approved exam supervision procedures and premises. Approved supervision procedures means that an exam invigilator must be present in the exam room/premises for the entire duration of the exam.

The examination venue must be a college, university, learning centre or a similar higher education establishment.

The examination must take place at the same date and time as the examination is given at LTU, with timings always in Swedish local time. No time-zone adjustments are approved.

If time-zone differences make it impossible to sit the exam at Swedish local time please contact the Student Service Desk for further help. 

Please note

If you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to inform the examination venue and the department responsible for the course. Failing to do so more than once might jeopardize your chances of receiving further permissions to take an examination at another location.

Any additional expenses relating to the examination venue you must pay yourself.

Sitting an examination at another location carries a risk on your part. The department cannot take any responsibility for eventual mishaps such as e.g. if the department is unable to reach the contact person, the examination papers do not arrive in time, or if the examination venue cannot accommodate you for an examination taking place in the afternoon or evening. The time of the examination is appointed only a week or two before the examination; some examination venues are not open in the afternoon or evening/night and it can be difficult to find another venue at short notice.


Before you complete the application form, you must have received confirmation from the examination venue acknowledging they meet all requirements and that you may take the examination there at the set date and time (mostly at 9.00 a.m. but in some cases in the afternoon). Personal illness or military service must be supported by certification.

You can only make an application regarding the closest following examination period; you may not send in your form several months in advance since the information given might be out of date. This means that applications submitted too early will be rejected.

  • Complete and print out the form, sign it and attach any necessary certification.

  • The application form must have been received by LTU no later than the Application deadline for examination at other locations. Applications submitted to late will be rejected.

  • Send your application form and certification in an envelope marked with the course code to:

    Luleå University of Technology, Registrator, 971 87 LULEÅ, Sweden.

  • Students no longer residing in Sweden may send in their application by E-mail to: If sent by E-mail: scan signed application and certificate, enclose as attachment.

N.B. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Decisions about examinations at other locations are made by the department providing the course.

Processing of personal data

The personal data you stated in your application are collected and used if we need to contact you with questions, for identification when writing the examination and for reporting your results.

Your personal information is handled by the relevant department and is handed out to the site you applied to write your exam at, for administration and for identification at the exam occasion.

Luleå University of Technology holds and manages these personal data locally for the time needed to administer the current exam period, after this your application is filed centrally.

For more detailed information about how LTU processes your personal information, click here

Examination dates

Deadline for application

18/10--28/10 2023 2023-09-21
20/12--22/12 2023 2023-11-22
8/1--13/1 2024 2023-12-04
13/3--23/3 2024 2024-02-07
22/5--1/6 2024 2024-04-22
August 2023 2023-06-19


NB: The Application deadline for examination at other locations is around 1 week earlier than the deadline for normal applications on My LTU.