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Exams for distance students

PLEASE NOTE Information regarding where and how your examination is taking place is available in Kronox, see link below.

If you are taking distance education, it may be possible for you to write your exams at a campus other than campus Luleå.  The examination site must, of course, meet the university's requirements for legal certainty. Distance examinations must take place at a college, university or learning centre. The exam venue must be able to receive you at the given time of the examination and must have an approved invigilator, which means that a trained person must be present during the entire writing period.

Luleå University of Technology does not guarantee that vacancies are available for the exam at another exam site or that the site is open.  You are responsible for arranging the exam as per the checklist below. Examinations will take place simultaneously (same time and date) as it would at Luleå University of Technology. If you do not find a place for the examination that meets the requirements above, you option is to complete the exam on campus in Luleå.

In case of missed registration for the exam, we direct to you the link below for missed registration.

Checklist for entry to the exam at a distance

  1. Find an exam venue based on the list (see link below to map or list of exam types)
  2. Contact the contact person at the exam venue where you want to check and book your location. Note that the time of the exam is not stated until after the registration period has expired. This is done by the university's central exam administration and is estimated in the exam schedule (see below). Remote distances are added as far as it starts at. 9:00 PM, therefore, book that time provisionally.
  3. Register for your exam via My LTU -> Examination -> Examination registration. Choose the exam place you have booked and any approved exam adaptations you might have and click on Register. LTU will send your exam to your chosen exam place. Note: The exam venue you enter in the form must conform to the approved exam places in the list below.
  4. A few days after the closing of the examination, check the time in the exam schedule (see below).
  5. Study! Good luck.

Should you not be able to write the exam you have signed up for, or if the venue cancels with short notice, you must inform the contact person with a copy to the institution (see below). If you misuse this, there is a risk that the exam site will not receive students from the university in the future and that both the exam site and Luleå University of Technology will receive unnecessary costs.

For those of you who have approved exam adaptations

You need to apply for exam adaptations for each exam.

  • The student is responsible for insuring that the venue can offer your approved adaptations. 
  • When you have found a venue that can offer your approved adaptations you apply to the exam. At the same time you choose which adaptations you would like to use. 
  • Should you want to check your application at a later date you enter your application and click adaptations. Your chosen adaptations will be marked in green.