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Important information regarding exams

Regulations have been enacted and are available along with information regarding the fire alarm in each room. These may not be taken from the exam room.

To be able to write a written exam, you must be registered for the exam before the deadline.

Important information

  • Please bring valid ID to the exam (LTU card counts as a valid ID.)  In case you do not have any ID, you can obtain a temporary LTU card for 50 SEK at Service Point.
  • Arrive in good time before your exam so that you can find the specified location before the exam begins. Examination room is open for id-check 30 minutes before the exam starts.
  • If you arrive more than 45 minutes after the exam has started, you may not sit the exam.
  • You may not leave the examination room during the exam first hour (even if you have completed the exam).
  • Toilet Registry: Should you need to use the toilet during an exam, you must fill in a registry with your name, social security number, course code, the time you leave the exam room and the time when you return to the exam room. Each invigilator has a toilet registry.
  • Pencil Cases may not be kept on the student's desk.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic equipment should be turned off and placed in your bag.
  • Please bring something to eat and/or drink during the exam as you are not able to purchase items during your exam.
  • To avoid allergic reactions, do not bring nuts of any kind to the examination room.
  • All exams are scanned. Please, fill out the scanning sheet properly. If it's unreadable (i.e. messy) the exam will not be scanned. You need to use a pen with black or blue ink and you also need to write the numbers properly.