200 new apartments on campus in Luleå

Published: 20 August 2018

You must have seen the big yellow lift crane right on campus in Luleå, lifting heavy pieces of masonry. Currently 199 studios are being built, which will be ready for occupation in December 2019. The apartments are just a stone's throw from Regnbågsallén, lecture halls, libraries, cafés and bus stops.

– Our students ask for accommodation right here on campus and no other place can be more central than this one, between the B-building and the C-building  where STUK, Luleå's largest nightclub is located. We look forward to a university area where studies, housing and leisure are mixed and where proximity and community continue to be a competitive advantage for us. From the Universities perspective, we just want to say: We are extremely happy for a much needed supplement of students and researchers accommodation, Mia Oldenburg, director of Student Affairs, says.

Already now the frames of the new apartments are fully visible to the person who crosses the construction site and it is possible to visualize a furnished ppartment. The new rental house, Polstjärnan, is becoming an E-format house with both four and five floors, which contains 132 apartments of 25 square meters and 67 double flats on 41-44 square meters. In total, 266 students and researchers will be able to live in the house. It is NCC who builds the apartments on behalf of Akademiska hus.

Over the past four years, more than 400 student apartments have been built close to the university in Luleå. During the period 2014-2017, Lindbäck's property has annually released new student housing units:    

2014 - 72 lgh     

2015 - 65 lgh     

2016 - 166 lgh     

2017 - 125 lgh

Riksheim released. during the summer of 2018, 94 apartments on Klintbacken, which, although not marked as student housing, can still benefit the students.

More upcoming additions to student housing:

During the autumn of 2018, Lulebo has 59 new smaller apartments at Kallkällan and in August 2019, 72 smaller apartments at Porsön (unidentified student housing).

Student housing companies who annually analyze the situation of all study places and compile this in Studboguiden, have recently asked all student housing actors in Luleå about the situation regarding the availability of student housing. Lindbäcks, Lulebo, Heimstaden and Rikshem state that the pressure on student housing is unchanged compared with autumn 2017, but the situation and the times of the queue ease a bit into autumn and the variation over the year is high. The conclusion from Student Housing Companies is that Luleå as a study center balances the gap between shortage and balance in supply. The housing situation regarding student housing in Luleå is continuously evolving. The report as a whole will be published in the autumn.

Mia Oldenburg

Mia Oldenburg, Head of Student Affairs

Phone: +46 (0)920 491757
Organisation: Student Affairs, Professional Support